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complementos alimenticios

Human Health

Research, development, and marketing of food supplements under the brand PHARMADIET, health products and medicines for excellence in wellness and health of people.

icono nutrición veterinaria

Animal Health

Research, development and distribution of veterinary nutrition, food supplements and hygiene products and animal care under the brand VETERINARY PHARMADIET for the wellness and health of pets.

OPKO Magazine

Food, beauty, sport and food supplement  blog which learn healthy lifestyle habits. Beside tips for the care of your pet.

Human Health

human complementos alimenticios


Specific food supplements for joint nutrition, development of bone and muscle structure, and inflammatory processes.


Original, functional bars, delicious and fun-based nutrients and vitamins that provide energy and immunity.


Specializing in eye health, products composed primarily of distilled water from natural plants.

Beauty & Wellness Line

Products for the care of body weight, skin, hair, and nails.

Gynecology Line

Area specializing in medical devices and food supplements for the health of women.

Nervous System Line

Food supplements that aid in stress, anxiety, low mood, and sleep disorders.

Animal Health

animal pharmadiet


Nutritional approach and topical eye health


A line specific for nutrition of joint health.


Appropriate principles for an optimal balance of intestinal transit, gastric mucosal protection, and control of infectious and diarrheal diseases.


Care of the liver from a nutritional approach.


Healthy skin and strong hair thanks to the adequate supply of their nutritional needs.


Veterinary nutrition that specializes in the proper development of newborns in their first weeks of life.

Opko Community

breaking news

Since mid-July the 4Kscore test is available in Poland. Cancer Center prostate HIFU Clinic in cooperation with AMEDS Medical Center has performed in Poland the first 4KScore® tests for their patients.

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OPKO 4Kscore(R) Recommended in National Comprehensive Cancer Network Guidelines for Prostate Cancer Early Detection
  • POSTED BY Opkoeurope

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)– OPKO Health, Inc. (NYSE:OPK) today announced the decision of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) to include 4Kscore® as a recommended test in the 2015 NCCN Guidelines for Prostate Cancer Early

GEVO continues to support Pharmadiet
  • POSTED BY Javier Miralles

The Pharmadiet team has traveled to Ibiza to participate in the XV Conference of Veterinary Specialists in Trauma and Orthopedics (GEVO). For another year, Hyaloral® has been the protagonist of its